How do you pay us for work?

We only do fair business, we believe in the goodness and the products we work with but we also love to be compensated for our work. We can work in any of three ways


You can get something specific done for a fee. For example; you want us to create a Brand Identity that includes a logo, visual guidelines and stationary only.
This works for business who are looking for set up, creative research, or short term work.


You pay a monthly flat fee, give us a goal, and we design a strategy and plan to achieve that goal. When working with a goal most times we have to do tests, re-strategize, re-do work, repeat. This doesn't have hourly constraints nor amount of iterations.
This works for clients that are looking for recurring work like, ongoing graphics, website upkeep, videos, etc.

Ultimately, to get a fair price based on the work required we need to speak.

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