The Challenge

EZ Sports Travel is a sporting event company that primarily focuses on Beach Volleyball events throughout the east coast of the United States and charity events in Africa. When this project was commissioned, one of EZ Sports' goals was to expand beyond Beach Volleyball events to different beach sports, and to provide amateur athletes with "the pro experience."

EZ Solution

First we needed a very strong logo to to represent the long name "EZ SPORTS TRAVEL."
Then came the idea of a logo system; which is the tool we used to reflect the versatility of the brand, seeing that in the future of EZ sports there will be much more than Beach Volleyball.
The mark was reduced to only say EZ and the rest can be filled to reflect what sporting event they are running at a given time. In addition the EZ mark can be combined with photography and illustration in order to reflect these things visually.

Logo System

Thank you

I am Proud to have had the opportunity to work on a global brand whose mission statement is to bring enjoyment to others. I hope that you had as good of a time on this page as I did creating this brand.