Drescher Visuals

Drescher Visuals is a video production studio out of Atlanta, GA. Drescher Visuals works in industries ranging from fitness to culture and they create projects that range from documentaries to athlete coverage, commercials, and music videos.


To create a brand that is distinct and stand on its own yet it allows to be included with other brands and blends seamlessly with any other the projects the studio might be working on.
The Drescher Visuals brand must allow for the brands the studio works with to come through visually without causing much, if any, visual conflict.


The solution was to strip the Drescher Visuals Brand from any decoration or embellishments and keep the design strictly down to three elements.
1. Type Illustration
2. Bold lettering
3. Yellow highlight

Updating the Logo

The old logo was not print friendly and the D's /chainlink were interlaced backwards. They had a good idea, but we took that to the next level by allowing it to read much better, be print friendly, and stand as a mark of it's own.


Thank you